How to Save Money on Your Wedding or Elopement - Thrifting

You’re wedding planning and how exciting! What bliss! Till… it becomes stressful and you realize you could spend a small fortune on a single day! I am here to help! Coming from an elopement photographer, an avid thrifter, and a future bride thrifting for my own elopement, here is a whole list of tips and tricks to help you thrift and save money on items for your wedding!

7 Tips to Thrift Wedding Items

Firstly, let’s talk the best reasons to thrift items for your wedding or elopement!

1. Save Money! Need I say more?

2. You can be super unique! You can thrift such a variety of things like vintage items (think glasses, dishes, china, servingware) and new items!

3. You help the environment! You are giving items a second life instead of buying new items that may or may not been sustainably produced.

Tip 1:

Have a game plan of what you would like to thrift! Simply going to a thrift store without a list of items needed could lead to overbuying, overspending, and may defeat the purpose!

Tip 2:

Start with asking family for any items you may want to have in your wedding! Old dishes, china sets, jewelry, even linens. How nice would it be to borrow some dishes that have been in your family, have some meaning, and also free!

Tip 3:

Be open to mismatched items! Mismatched items such as candlestick holders and vases, especially, are such a vibe! When thrifting items, it isn’t always easy to find large sets that match. Best idea is to keep a color scheme, similar shapes with some items, and keep consistency grounded with items like your flowers, silverware, placemats, and tablecloth! Also, keep in mind items that you may want to have in your house!

Tip 4:

I have visited many thrift stores and I recommend going to one and giving it a chance at least twice! Sometimes, thrift stores are low in inventory and one day it will have a gold mine. I recommend visiting one different times because donations are constantly coming in and you never know what to find! 

Tip 5:

Best Places to Thrift! Alright, so I’m ready to go thrift, where are the best places to go?

-Local Small Town Thrift Stores : If you haven’t been to your local thrift stores, you are in for a treat! These are some of the places that are not frequented as much, have cheaper prices, and a lot support local missions and the like!

-Goodwill Retail Store : they usually have a lot of things, like other stores there is a lot to sort through, plates can be as cheap as 0.25 cents at some places!

-Goodwill Outlet Store (also known as the bins) : you buy items by the pound and can sometimes be very cheap, especially with lightweight items.

-Salvation Army: Money goes to such a good cause and typically have so many items!

-Habitat for Humanity Restore: A spot that has a variety of items! Picture frames are very good to get here!

-Savers: A thrift store that I haven’t been to, but so ready to visit! A chain of thrift stores that have a variety of items.

Tip 6: Online Thrifting

Facebook Marketplace- I am sure may have heard of this. There are many brides that sell a whole set of décor, etc. from their wedding that you can buy and be set up! Definitely a sustainable option!

Poshmark & Ebay- If you have certain items that you are looking for with shoes, jewelry, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses especially, these are perfect places to go! Décor may be more expensive on these marketplaces than typical thrift store prices but could be a good way to find matching dishes, etc. to complete a set you have got from somewhere! Also, if you want to receive 10 bucks off your first order for signing up on Poshmark, use my code – sunnykentucky

Tip 7:

Don’t stress about having the perfect tablescapes, décor and the like! Your wedding day is about you and your partner!

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